Belt Size Guide


Measuring the correct belt size is very simple and will only require your existing favourite belt, a measuring tape or tape measure (measuring tape is best as it is rigid), a piece of masking tape and a flat surface to measure upon. Don't have an existing favourite belt? Go and borrow one from your similarly sized friend!

Step 1.

Put your belt on and place a piece of masking tape next to the correct hole.

Step 2.

Repeat Step 1 to be 100% certain.

Step 3.

Lay your belt flat on a table with the buckle facing up.

Step 4.

Taking your tape measure, insert under any keepers and lay it flat upon your belt, butting the zero end up to the inside of the buckle.

Step 5.

Measure from inside the buckle all the way down to your chosen hole.

This measuring technique will give you your belt size, and will vary from your trouser size - it will usually be an inch or two bigger than your trousers.

Do not select your trouser size from the drop down menu, otherwise you may end up with a belt that is too small!

When ordering a belt, if you're at all uncertain, please send a message as we want you to be 100% happy with the fit as there are no returns for incorrect size selection.