Antique Bakelite and Carved Wood Topper

Antique Bakelite and Carved Wood Topper

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This antique piece was sourced from America and features a tear drop piece of bakelite set into a gold toned collar with a carved wooden handle. It is estimated to be 20th century. It measures 18cm long and 2.5cm at its widest point and best suited to a cane from 60-70cm.

It is in excellent condition given its age but is not perfectly straight and has some wear to the carved wood section.

When you make your purchase you will be contacted to decide upon all the details - from leather colour, to ferrules if desired, to which hand stitched keeper you'd best prefer. All of these options are included in the listed price.

Antiques must be taken care of and are best stored in your bag/cover/tube when not in use and never store wet.