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Royal Whips and Canes

Antique Mother of Pearl Topper

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An elegant mother of pearl and gold plated piece popular in both France and the USA and estimated to be early 20th century. It measures 9cm long and 3.7cm at its widest point and would make a beautiful lady rider's cane (from 60-75cm).

It is in very good condition given its age, but does have wear to the gold plating as shown.

Mother of pearl is touted for its protective qualities - bringing with it the gentle healing power of the sea. It is stress relieving, relaxes and calms the emotions.

When you make your purchase you will be contacted to decide upon all the details - from leather colour, to ferrules if desired, to which hand stitched keeper you'd best prefer. All of these options are included in the listed price.

Antiques must be taken care of and are best stored in your bag/cover/tube when not in use and never store wet.

Whip slips are just $10 with cane purchase - the discount will automatically apply at checkout. Shop for yours here.

Current production time is six weeks.

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