Exclusive Child's Antler Hammer Cane - Edward

Exclusive Child's Antler Hammer Cane - Edward

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It is only on the incredibly odd occasion that we are able to source antler hammers that are suitable for a child's hunter cane. It doesn't happen often as the deer shed them naturally and it is jolly hard to tell them when to stop growing their glorious crowns! So here for you is one of four opportunities to have the perfect sized and balanced piece of antler for your little one's cane. These pieces are best suited to either a 40cm or 50cm cane.

  • Choose from 40cm LR/FR length or 50cm child's length
  • Natural or smooth polished finish
  • Fully plaited in our elegant Classic Style in your choice of leather colour
  • Dainty handle section for little hands
  • Gold, silver or bronze ferrule
  • Hand stitched keeper
  • Complimentary embossing of your monogramme

'Edward' has a lovely natural rounded hook and may be left natural with the texture and subtle earthy tones visible, or opt for the smooth, cream-toned finish.

Once you have committed to your purchase, we will be in contact with you to decide upon design, length and options.