Wellington Whip - Ridden Classes
Wellington Whip - Ridden Classes
Wellington Whip - Ridden Classes

Royal Whips and Canes

Wellington Whip - Ridden Classes

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Designed specifically for our Kiwi clients, our Wellington Whips meet the precise specifications required for RAS NZ competition.

  • Ridden Classes (main rings) length of 76cm
  • Leather Plaited handle in black or dark havana
  • Nylon plaited shaft in black or brown to match leather colour
  • Choice of silver or gold topper and ferrule or a plaited leather knob
  • Whipped on Hand Stitched Flapper or Tongue

Our Wellington whips can also be made to Australian standard lengths if desired. When ordering, leave a note at checkout with your desired length up to 75cm EA or 72cm SHC.

As ever, embossing of your monogramme on your keeper is complimentary, please leave a note at checkout - you may have up to two letters.

Canes pictured are an example of our craftsmanship. Pictured is Dark Havana with gold topper, no ferrule and tongue.

Care must be taken with the plaited nylon shaft - do not scratch or rub it against any surfaces, and store in your cover.